I woke up restless, yearning for adventure. My Body is aroused with lack of spark, but then my phone rings and I see the name of a man’s company I enjoy. Suddenly I move about swiftly and mind is working acutely. Excitement sends waves up and down my body as i am sure my White Horse will come……

It would be nice to say I like you more than your benefits,

But you will always remain to be my little personal affair,

You enhance me in ways i cant believe i can’t do on my own.

There are times i love to speak my way of the world and debate with einstien, Then there are times when I dread speaking on my numb tongue. 

I hate you in the Morning, Regretting you spent the night.

Then we Makeup at night and never want to part. 

You make me feel like i can leave you forever at anytime,

Like i grown child from his parents, Then I run back to you and hide underground as you shield me away from everything. 

Why do you control my body in ways i can never duplicate in my honor-est state?

The Sex Goddess by tongue, spirit and body.

Sugar my Tongue, Sugar me there

Mojo sends me over the top.

I refuse to stop, But you my friend

Will always be a good memory i shall keep within me.

Something Devious and Crazy,

The only Rebellious me…