Starting From Scratch

This is a New year and so much has changed. I am learning new lessons and building myself to be the best person I can be one baby step at a time. I am focusing on my career and  trying to permanently establish myself. One of my biggest goals i would love to achieve before this year is over is to get a car. That is like primary. And from there I want to improve little by little.. I know it is going to be hard and that is the part i have to prepare for. I need to put more energy and drive in the things that i need to do.  I feel stronger in certain area’s and I can see certain area’s I need to work on as well. I don’t want to be brought down and put down, So in a way i am glad I have been in solitude for a minute and just be around my closest allies. I am shelter and able to retreat and construct my next move.


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