In a Blink of An eye everything changed. Truth’s were spoken and Love was lost….

I wanted things to be OK. I didn’t believe you had some much animosity towards me nor that it was so strong.  You spoke your words with such abundant hatred. In a blink of an Eye.

Cheap Shots and assumptions plague the facts, and tasteless insults shot back and forth. Our bond was once deep as roots.

Indignant rage and pain fills my soul now. When you cross my Mind, ill feelings engulf my heart sinking it to the bottom pits of my stomach.

I ask myself how did things come to this? I wonder when did it begin? Looking back at the times and the signs , i should have seen it coming a long time ago. But it just goes to show how trust makes you so vulnerable.

The wedge between us is huge and a unnecessary one. But it will be one that will always remain. 2 FACES I can’t recognize.



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