Idea’s…. Top 3 Idea’s For different Pages in my Blog..

So far since I started this blog I have been writing poems, freestyles and Jotting down my feelings… But Since I am feeling the urge to get more serious with my writing I am trying to Branch out and Do Different things with my writing..

I already Have a page; which is blank, and I wanted to make that for any research articles and thesis.. One of my Hobbies Besides learning foreign Languages..

Another Idea I just thought about yesterday which will actually help and enhance my skills.. I wanted to make a page about cooking.. My cooking, Cooking in my family.. e.t.c. I get to use my photography skills/passion as well as write.. Make my blog more colorful and expressive..

And my final Idea is a tough one to decided.. Since I am Personally a Little Activist. i figure i should use that final page to vent and say things that most would be offended about or topics that would cause a Huge debate if not more… I will make it public so anyone can read it and I am open to criticism.. ¬†Another possible topic could be about Movies, or actors, or music and maybe even my road map to writing..

All of these idea’s are going to take a lot of thought so I can build and Craft a very expressive, colorful, and Loaded blog!!!


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