Blissful Paradise…

I am feeling large and in charge as I sit here organizing and studying my new home..

A brand new Start, My Sanctuary.. My Small little paradise involving everything me.

The Aroma of Fresh Clothes and Dinner roasting on the stove gives off a warm vibe.

Your Vibe completes me as harmony wraps around us like silk..

My eyes dance; like pearls scattered about the waters.. I am content now, I can finally say I am at peace. Bliss consumes my thoughts and I am floating on all the possibilities.

Meditation unlocks  the gears to my soul; releasing the tense, Releasing the hatred for those I can’t understand..

Inner peace is one of the greatest gifts in the world. But very vulnerable to self-destruction, remorse, regret, shame and Sin.

It is time for man to realize Paradise isn’t about traveling to far away places exploring the riches of riches.. It isn’t about temptations and  dirty lust..  It is the ability to be with one’s self and can be content in their own skin,  being able to enjoy the pleasures of your senses and letting yourself go.

Light a candle, turn on some music, Make a snack, close your eye’s.. Go deep within.. Study yourself, Your goals, your direction..
Be in tuned with yourself and your surroundings. Be strong enough to say no, and don’t fear losing a friend if they are negative.

Discover Possibilities, Embrace learning something new. separate yourself from the norm. Don’t become a clone. Don’t be something your not.

Always try to make the best of things.. Be thankful for everything coming your way and Make solutions for the things that don’t..

All of this and true contentment will always provide you with peace.. A Blissful Paradise within…


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