Our ethical bankruptcy is going to kill us, not a virus.

The Order of Turbulence


The United States has the most capable health infrastructure and the most capable doctors in the world, bar none,” Lisa Monaco, President Obama’s senior counter-terrorism adviser, said at a White House briefing. (“US Ebola outbreak ‘extraordinarily unlikely’, White House officials insist.” The Guardian)

You might wonder what a ‘counter-terrorism’ adviser is doing vouching for the quality of the US health system. It is an indication of just how badly this issue has been framed since the first report of the latest Ebola outbreak, which began in March of this year. Nor is it helpful that the current head of the CDC keeps insisting that an Ebola outbreak couldn’t happen in the US. And even more laughably, there’s a DA in Texas who looking into pressing charges against Thomas Eric Duncan, the Liberian who fell sick in Dallas.  Let’s hope he lives long enough for that to…

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Cold as Ice

You can be so cold.. No Remorse or regard for your actions..

You don’t even care I can see. Im just at your disposal.

My heart sunk Just as fast as it melted for you, Disbelief and betrayal wraps around me.

A fool in her own skin. You flesh hot like fire, your voice the calm before the storm.

With eye’s so piercing, A touch so rough, my knee’s buckle.

But soon you show me feelings aren’t mutual.. I was just a game..

Sex is what I mean to you.. A trophy for your Manhood.

Your actions are Cold, relishing in disregard. With such authority,  you hurt my feelings..

You’re as Cold As Ice.. And I think it would be best if I stayed away my love…

I Can’t Help It

I am drawn to you, I want to be closer to you.

Thoughts of you flashing in my head, feelings resurfacing.

The closer I get to you the more nervous I become.

Your body language excites me, Moving swift and rugged.

You showed compassion which warms me, gentleness enveloping you.

I can’t help reaching out to you, I can’t help wanting to see you.

There is a freshness to our union, Chemistry with understanding.

This is a new union, One that I hope will last a long time.

Something about you has attached to me. I didn’t see this coming,

And I can’t put you out of my mind. I just can’t help it

Last Week Was a No-Good, Very Bad Week for Misogyny in the Music Industry

This is insane.. Men can really be ugly dogs


Six months ago, Future was on the top of the world: a son on the way with fiancée Ciara, sophomore album Honest garnering critical praise, and a new song with Kanye in which he brags about both. “I Won (Trophy)” positioned Ciara and Mrs. West herself, Kim Kardashian, as trophy wives to be shown off for their physical assets, rather than their numerous professional or personal accomplishments. It was gross, though the fuckboys I saw praising it on Twitter didn’t seem to think so. Flash forward to last week, when Future emerged with an even grosser ode to female anatomy, “Pussy Overrated.”

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Close Encounters

There are endless video’s and footage on extraterrestrial beings abducting, performing experiments and impregnating humans for hundreds of years.. Not to mention the billions of cases never heard of, discovered, or found inconclusive. Here is one of the many videos that is out there that shows, and proves this theory.. 


Everyone makes mistakes…
Still, I am not making excuses…

My heart is heavy from the damage that was caused..
The emptiness consumes me, every second I dread.

I can’t help but to wonder what would have been, how things would have been different.
I wish I could turn back the hands of time and choose a different path, the path that would have kept me with you till the end.

Damage is powerful. Damage is ruins.
Once there is damage, sometimes it just can’t be fixed.
In just a blink of an eye, I lost you.. Slipping through my fingers like a fish out of water.

I wish for your forgiveness.. I wish I could forgive you.. I wish I could forget everything that has separated us.
Now I know how to walk away, Now I know to wait.. But by now it is too late.. And I just wish I could get a second life. A second chance to build our romance.

Everyone makes mistakes.. No one is perfect. But I feel our love is much greater than this.. Much more powerful.. But after all the time and all the mess that was made I guess the time has come you feel otherwise..

Idea’s…. Top 3 Idea’s For different Pages in my Blog..

So far since I started this blog I have been writing poems, freestyles and Jotting down my feelings… But Since I am feeling the urge to get more serious with my writing I am trying to Branch out and Do Different things with my writing..

I already Have a page; which is blank, and I wanted to make that for any research articles and thesis.. One of my Hobbies Besides learning foreign Languages..

Another Idea I just thought about yesterday which will actually help and enhance my skills.. I wanted to make a page about cooking.. My cooking, Cooking in my family.. e.t.c. I get to use my photography skills/passion as well as write.. Make my blog more colorful and expressive..

And my final Idea is a tough one to decided.. Since I am Personally a Little Activist. i figure i should use that final page to vent and say things that most would be offended about or topics that would cause a Huge debate if not more… I will make it public so anyone can read it and I am open to criticism..  Another possible topic could be about Movies, or actors, or music and maybe even my road map to writing..

All of these idea’s are going to take a lot of thought so I can build and Craft a very expressive, colorful, and Loaded blog!!!