There is nothing like Home..

I run to you..

I can’t escape my fears and my feelings towards you..

My eyes can only see how I can Enhance you..

Enjoying a place, I plan to make my sanctuary.

Surrounding myself with all the little things that make me, me.

All the possibilities here. Anything I want to do I am free to do.

All the hectic craziness outside my door makes me seek refuge in my world.

There is nothing like home. A place where your secrets and desires are buried deep within the walls.

Where you don’t have to be ashamed of who you are or what you do.

Home is where the heart is.. Home is where all of your guards are down.

The best place in the world when you need to be safe and secluded..

There is no place like home.. Home is where the heart it. Home, Is where you should be.


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