Plans for the Day..

I want today to be eventful.. I was thinking of going to the woods and starting a fire after I do my chores of laundry and cooking a big, nice Sunday dinner.. I want a whole day to relax. I take those for granted all the time and I have a feeling that my friends are right.. I am going to wait too late and then I can’t rest, but I really need it at that point..

I hate when I wake up and things are off.. Its like when I wake up with this wave of depression around me.. Totally not a good feeling. When you wake up whatever you are feeling or whatever happens within the first 20mins really sets the tone for your day.. I woke up to a gloomy day, an argument and a feeling of sorrow.. I don’t really know why but I felt sorrow..

I just hope this day turns out better than i think it will at this particular moment.


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