True Love

What Is True Love?

That burning question, We have all asked ourselves and to each other.

How do you know you are in love? What makes us fall in love?

Our first experiences with love really shapes our perception of love.

For All of us, our first experience with love starts with our parents.. How they showed affection and love, How much attention and advice they gave.. The effort they put into earning a living and maintaining the house are all degrees of love.

A Deep warm feeling deep in the soul when that special someone touches your skin.

Tears Pour automatically when betrayed by your love.
Memories burn the sheets.

There is no feeling like longing for your love.
Hoping they waltz back into our lives at any given moment.

I have come to realize that Love involves both pleasure and pain.
It is a very emotional Topic. The Name of euphoria we all will experience in our life.

No matter how evil or how isloated one is; they will experience Love in some type of form.
Whether Negative or Unfifilled there will be a experience with love.

True Love can Only be determined by the Heart. The determination of Love can’t be defined on whether the relationship last, or if the other party returns the same affection. Love isn’t defined by any standards or rules.. Love is like nature, the seasons, rain or volcanos.

But this puzzle will never be solved.. No matter if your life is full of relationships, or this is the first time you have even considered being in love. Whether love always hurts you or you are a loner; the question will always remain….

What Is True Love?


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