Derek Jeter’s Girlfriend Hannah Davis Hugs Him On Field After Last Game – Watch

I am truly going to Miss Derek Jeter.. I grew up watching him play and I watched Him Grow up into the fine Gentlemen he is today!! He is such an Inspiration and a Excellent Role Model.. This is One Legacy that will Stay alive and Burn for Years to come!! Love You and will Miss you Derek Jeter!!

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So sweet! After his game-winning run at his final Yankee Stadium game, Derek Jeter and his girlfriend Hannah Davis hugged on the field in celebration of his epic last run. Click to WATCH.

Derek Jeter’s, 40, last home game in Yankee Stadium on Sept. 25 was everything we could have wanted and more. The 20-year veteran scored the game-winning run in his last home game, making the final score 6-5. He hugged his gorgeous model girlfriend Hannah Davis, 24, on the field after the game. What a special moment. Hannah, being a devoted girlfriend, was in the stands throughout the game supporting her man.

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I can’t believe how things in my life changed so dramatically.  It happened so quick,  in a blink of an eye.  My relationship is in shambles and I don’t know what to do..  It is weighing heavy on my heart and it plagues my mind..  I can’t help but to think,  to wonder, l Am I losing you?  Is the life I build and our family no longer mine? I can’t  help loving you right now while I am hurting.  Emptiness fills me, Consuming everything I once enjoyed. 

Fear of Losing you has overtaken my sanity. Rational thoughts don’t occur to me when doubts ramble on within me. I always complained, but without you I wouldn’t change a thing. There is a whole in my heart that can’t be fulfilled. A Void I can’t seem to fill. If only I could see you, touch you and hold your hand, You hold mine back like you used to do way back when. 

I’m in disbelief things are ending this way, I never dreamed out dreams would go down like this. I can’t believe as strong as we were we are ending in such a pathetic way. I thought highly of you, I thought the feeling was mutual. You don’t even want to hear me, be near me I can’t understand what I did so wrong you can’t touch me.

I’m speechless, I’m hurt, I am in Disbelief….

The Ultimate Betrayal…

My heart is heavy now.. Like a soldier in battle.

There is a powerful sense of helplessness that consumes me. Like watching a hurricane rushing towards your home and there is no way to stop it.

I am lost. Like I can’t really feel myself out and really reach within me to get my thoughts together.  My mind is blank, My attention is like tangled wires.

My Body is weak and exhausted from the daily hustle and bustle of the world.  Splitting myself into two, Its like I have the world on my shoulders.

What has gotten me so upset? Is it the fact I wish for you to understand me, Or hear me.. Is it knowing how you really think of me?

I expected you to be the one person in the world that could take pride in me, knowing all my trials and tribulations. You of all people know how my life is. You see first hand what I do and how much I do for everyone around me..

But that means nothing.. You don’t see it.. That hasn’t put any positive impression on you.. You don’t Trust me.

When you love and when you want to do the right thing, you are always trying to make sure everything is ok You would do almost anything to make things right..

But there is a limit.. You can’t change things or do things because you know the whole situation is childish.. How do is adjust things based on an irrational thoughts and accusations??

I can only do my best and prove myself.. I am just hurt that you don’t see any good in me or my actions.. I thought to you I was bigger than that.  I lived my life trying to prove myself.. But when it came to you, I thought everything spoke for itself.

Why Am I always the one being made to be the Fool? Am I wrong Being being who I am and Going all out for everyone around me.. I am starting to think so and that scares me..

I don’t want to Change who I am.. I don’t want to turn into an Indian giver.. But at the same time i am stunned you can look me in my eyes and say I haven’t done or provided anything to the table.. That, to me is the ultimate betrayal..

There is nothing like Home..

I run to you..

I can’t escape my fears and my feelings towards you..

My eyes can only see how I can Enhance you..

Enjoying a place, I plan to make my sanctuary.

Surrounding myself with all the little things that make me, me.

All the possibilities here. Anything I want to do I am free to do.

All the hectic craziness outside my door makes me seek refuge in my world.

There is nothing like home. A place where your secrets and desires are buried deep within the walls.

Where you don’t have to be ashamed of who you are or what you do.

Home is where the heart is.. Home is where all of your guards are down.

The best place in the world when you need to be safe and secluded..

There is no place like home.. Home is where the heart it. Home, Is where you should be.

Plans for the Day..

I want today to be eventful.. I was thinking of going to the woods and starting a fire after I do my chores of laundry and cooking a big, nice Sunday dinner.. I want a whole day to relax. I take those for granted all the time and I have a feeling that my friends are right.. I am going to wait too late and then I can’t rest, but I really need it at that point..

I hate when I wake up and things are off.. Its like when I wake up with this wave of depression around me.. Totally not a good feeling. When you wake up whatever you are feeling or whatever happens within the first 20mins really sets the tone for your day.. I woke up to a gloomy day, an argument and a feeling of sorrow.. I don’t really know why but I felt sorrow..

I just hope this day turns out better than i think it will at this particular moment.

True Love

What Is True Love?

That burning question, We have all asked ourselves and to each other.

How do you know you are in love? What makes us fall in love?

Our first experiences with love really shapes our perception of love.

For All of us, our first experience with love starts with our parents.. How they showed affection and love, How much attention and advice they gave.. The effort they put into earning a living and maintaining the house are all degrees of love.

A Deep warm feeling deep in the soul when that special someone touches your skin.

Tears Pour automatically when betrayed by your love.
Memories burn the sheets.

There is no feeling like longing for your love.
Hoping they waltz back into our lives at any given moment.

I have come to realize that Love involves both pleasure and pain.
It is a very emotional Topic. The Name of euphoria we all will experience in our life.

No matter how evil or how isloated one is; they will experience Love in some type of form.
Whether Negative or Unfifilled there will be a experience with love.

True Love can Only be determined by the Heart. The determination of Love can’t be defined on whether the relationship last, or if the other party returns the same affection. Love isn’t defined by any standards or rules.. Love is like nature, the seasons, rain or volcanos.

But this puzzle will never be solved.. No matter if your life is full of relationships, or this is the first time you have even considered being in love. Whether love always hurts you or you are a loner; the question will always remain….

What Is True Love?